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Steve Pacini grew up in Toronto, Canada.


Steve is an actor, director, writer.  From birth, he spent his time between foster homes and his biological mother.  At an early age, 13, his career began as a street dancer in a dance troupe called The Dynamics.   Steve would later go on to graduate from the prestigious theatre program at George Brown College in Toronto.  He proceeded to work on various Television, Film, and Stage projects.  With a vision and desire to create his own content, he took his talents to Los Angeles and enrolled in the Directors Program at UCLA.  One of his many goals is to use the power and medium of film to engage and share with the world some of his experiences of growing up in the various housing projects of Canada. Another passion for him is giving back to those with similar experiences as himselfmost notably being the time he spent volunteering with the Unusual Suspects at L.A. Counties, Juvenile Hall.  His most recent work is a short film called Dead Men Don’t Talk, which he starred and co-directed.  

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